magdalena dukiewicz

born in Warsaw, Poland
lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

I graduated from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and from Complutense University in Madrid, MFA (Master en Investigación en Arte y Creación), where I continue my doctoral studies (dissertation title: Altering nature. Mutations, transformations and genetic experiments in art).

My works revolves around the binomial art-nature, new technologies and interactive art. Explores topics such as transhumanism and posthumanism. The accelerated development of technology, genetic experimentation and the various scientific advances in the field of biotechnology make it urgent to reformulate the basic questions about our identity and reconstruct relationships with others and with nature.

In my projects I use organic materials. Pieces are fragile forms and finally disintegrate. Its ephemeral nature - which evolves or disappears with time - places the accent on the common thread that connects my work: time, transformation, memory, identity, conscience and finally, death.

I recently received Polish Minister of Culture and Heritage 12-months Grant for 2017 and did art residency at Carlos Amorales studio in Mexico City (June-August 2017). In 2013, I participated in Bio Art Residency at SVA NY. In 2014  I was invited as a resident by Pioneer Works – Center for Art and Innovation (Brooklyn, NY), unfortunately residency had to be postponed. My works were shown by FitzRoy Knox Gallery (New York) at Context Miami Art Fair (`13), ArtHamptons (`14), Art14 London (`14) and by Blanca Soto Gallery (Madrid) at Starlite Art Fair in Marbella (`15).

Recently, I am rather focused on site-specific and public space projects.