bastard 2

hydrolyzed collagen with air bubbles

Residency at Carlos Amorales Studio in Mexico City.

June-August 2017


hydrolyzed collagen, air bubbles and very small, almost invisibles organic elements such as hair, nails, fragments of fish bones, small animal bones

project in process

Bastards is a series of monumental sculptures made with hydrolyzed collagen, air bubbles and small organic objects, such as hair, nails, fragments of fish skeletons, small animal bones. It’s going to be a kind of set of biological materials grouped in various compositions. Skin flap (giant leaf) formed in various shapes hang in space, or thrown carelessly on the foor. They will overwhelm the viewer with its huge mass. By using exclusively natural materials, I create human-animal interspecies objects. The surface of sculptures reminds tissues, skin structures.


bones, glue, mammal skull cast in epoxy resin
dimensions: 30x10x10cm


Project for the exhibition and symposium of the Society for Esthetical e Transcendental and Applied Realization ESTAR (SER), e Order of the ird Bird in the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.

fake stone

epoxy resin and soil samples

ongoing project

This project involves a creation of artifcial stone with epoxy resin and soil samples from different parts of the world that I visit. I want to form stones of various sizes and shapes. Each stone will be unique as the content will change depending on the environment. First stone was made on the Rockaway beach NYC so it contains sand, algae, plankton and more other random things that were on the way where I was rolling the stone. Due to the amber resin color the stones looks and have similar proprieties as real amber stones which after all were made in a similar process during a million years. I’m recreating this process in just a few hours.

the glass bead game 

bones, teeth and insects embedded in epoxy resin, various dimensions

project in process

bones, teeth and insects embedded in epoxy resin, various dimensions


bones, gelatin, agar, teeth, fungus, mold, fish bones, human hairs and nails

project in process

Using a animal rests like bones, skulls, teeth, gelatin and human hairs and nails I’m creating a not-existing objects.

mixed greens

skulls, bones, plants

ongoing project

Objects made of skulls and bones of various animals, combined in unusual forms, with plants growing in or on them.


bacteria, mold, agar, plexiglas

ongoing project

Bacteria, mold and mildew cultivation on the surface of laser engraved plates. Growing organism repeats pattern burned into the plate because it grown more easily on the rough tex- ture than on a smooth plexiglas surface.





photo manipulation