Keywords: memory, confession, reflection, intimacy, purify, identity

project description:
more than a real valueOur project for Atrium of San Francisco in Mexico DF is a 100m2 construction in a shape of a hill covered with natural grass with two caves underneath. You can explore the installation both from inside by entering the cave and outside by lying on the lawn. On the surface of this artificial hill we will dig about 30 holes in a variety of sizes and shapes (mainly in the shape of a tube), which then will be enclosed with transparent plexiglas. Most of those holes will go through all layers of soil so you will be able to look inside, both from the top of the lawn and from the interior of the cave, beneath the ground. We would like to invite residents of Mexico City to participate in our project. They will be asked to deposit in those holes (secret box) prepared previously objects that have a sentimental value for them, any remembrance that involves mystery, or memory, reminiscence of an important event. We want citizens to be part of our project, to contribute to the creation of the installation, so that it became a space made by the people and for the people. We hope to generate a place of rest, but also of reflection. Anyone who wants to see how the secret box looks from inside will have to lie on the grass or go underground. We are trying to create the illusion of intimacy in place that is always very noisy and crowdy. Each of us during his life collects objects that remind him of important moments and important people. Those things over time gain a sentimental value more then a real one. We treat them as treasures, which we prefer to keep for ourselves or as trophies that we are happy to share with others. In our project we would like to invite people to deposit those treasures, memories, create kind of altars or messages hidden in a bottles.

objectives and justification:
The most important aspect of this project is a participation of viewers, both through being a part of its development and during its display at the Atrium of San Francisco. We intend to encourage people to reflect and meditate and to share issues that concern them. We hope that this experience will help them to sort out their thoughts and memories, express their dreams and anxieties. The shape of the whole constriction itself is also a reference to the temazcal-traditional steam bath, a symbol of ritual purification, mental and physical health. Being underground we can feel a clear relationship with the earth, intimate and original experience of being part of the cycle of nature. Likewise, we hope that experience of sharing secrets with others, strangers will be for some of the participants a kind of purification similar to confession. The reference to the minefield is a metaphor for something that causes an unexpected, strong reaction to something uncomfortable, Pandora’s box. But it is also a simply reference to the holes in the ground.