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amelia kent returns home

installation of various elements

An old photography, portrait of an unknown woman, which I came across quite by accident became a pretext to develop this project. Due to a strange expression on her face, restless eyes, she reminded me of a patient of an American neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks. Named by the author Dr P, he became a protagonist of the essays the man who mistook his wife with a hat in a book of the same title. This man, at some point in his life had lost the ability to perceive visually and to interpret correctly objects and people. He could only see them as a set of abstract forms. Finally he reached the point when he mistook his wife with a hat. That was some mechanisms responsible for the visual identi cation that failed because physically there was nothing wrong with his eyes. He also had no problems with sounds and voices recognition. Just his mind does not allowed proper visual identification. For some reason the photography of this strange woman reminded me of a Sack’s patients. Most of them had a gap in their memory. They were lost in a world without biography or personal memories. By creating a sort of mental map of a mind with memory disorder, I try to fabricate a new biography for stranger from photo. My installation consists many components; photos and other object similar to those that each of us holds as remembrance, but also elements that are more universal and refers to collective memory. This project rather than about memory, talks about a process of forgetting.

moths & man

textiles, threads, notes, newspapers, polyester resin and epoxy, photos, pyrography

Moths & Man is a site-specific project created for the exhibition in Gowanus Ballroom, exhibition space created in a former cannery. The installation consists of several components made in different techniques. Most of the materials for the project were gathered on the streets of Brooklyn, they are mostly abandoned clothes, notes, and newspaper clippings. Found fragments I embedded in polyester resin and epoxy. With thread obtained from rip clothes I compose aesthetic images. The installation consist also old photos in which I made an intervention, puncture them to create geometric patterns. Burned drawings (pyrography) of various species of moths are also a part of the composition. I was trying to assemble components in a way they create a new quality. Give them new value and meaning, re-tell stories. Moth and man project is on process of transformation and assigning new meaning.

la Isla

plants and insects, sand, polyester resin


Site-specific installation for This house will destroy anyone exhibition (installation in an abandoned, crumbling historic wing of the building). Landscape made of fine sand and aquarium plants and insects ( fies, moths, wasps, dragonfies) covered in polyester resin.