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Excessive love of pleasure (2018)

cuttlefish ink and hydrolyzed collagen, diameter 30"

Connection of two organic products - gelatin and cuttlefish ink. One product that is common and cheap and the other very bourgeois and expensive. Gelatin is a secondary product of the meat production and it’s made out of bones, skin, and tails - leftovers in general, though its very popular product that can be found in yogurts, cakes, bread etc. On the other hand Cuttlefish ink in mostly use in upscale cuisine to dye food. Excessive love of pleasure is Dante’s definition of gluttony. Clashes of the social classes. Growing difference between rich and poor in western society. Consumerism that is leading us to a moral and physical decay. Tension. Disturbing coexistence of those two materials floating in the space like a decaying planet that it’s heading towards ecologic catastrophe.