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With a multidisciplinary approach that is often site-specific, my practice is process-based and a combination of material experimentation and method. My works revolve around the binomial of art-nature, experimental sculpture, and interactive art.

I use mostly organic materials such as hydrolyzed collagen, bones, soil, squid ink, hair, and blood, among others, as well as found objects. Each material is chosen for its potential for transformation and intrinsic properties. I combine the various materials in an unusual mixture to create a new order. The works are fragile, meant to break down over time until they finally decompose. The performativity of these pieces is their most significant property. An important part of my statement relates to ecology - my sculptures leave no waste. Some artworks are even reused to create completely new ones. I also have an interest in playing with materials that are culturally charged with meaning. Those aesthetically sublime installations often confuse audience members who do not expect body fluids to be used as an art material.

The technique that I use is my own; one that I have developed over time through experimentation. The work is not about science per se, but I use scientific processes to create the visual representations of my concepts. I am more interested in the phenomena that run our world, general concepts that I can relate to and translate visually, such as biological and physical processes. At the core of these investigations is simply a curiosity of how the universe works and what our role and place in it is, our relationship with each other and with nature. This need to comprehend the universe just a little bit better.