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The accelerated development of technology, genetic experimentation and the various scientific advances in the field of biotechnology make it urgent to reformulate the basic questions about our identity and reconstruct relationships with others and with nature. The machine against nature. In my artistic proposal, I introduce a strange Bastard, intruder who summon us to investigate from the difference, from alienness or the feeling of intruder. From there, it provokes to reflect on notions such as the normal, the strange, the false or the true. 

Bastards is a series of huge sculptures made with hydrolyzed collagen, air bubbles and small organic objects, such as hair, nails, fragments of fish skeletons. It’s going to be a kind of set of biological materials grouped in various compositions. By using exclusively natural materials, I create human-animal interspecies objects. The surface of sculptures reminds tissues, skin structures.

Jean Luc Nancy wrote about being single-plural, which is a direct reference to the concept of being-in-the-world. This concept is an attempt to develop a new form of subjectivity, in which we are initially in the world and we are always together (with others). Our being is in certain sense constitutes by presence of others, by entering in relationships with them. We are, primarily, in the carnal way. Shared sense is generated between our physicality. This way of being is something quite natural for us, that is why we actually do not think about that. On the one hand, coexistence of bodies makes us feel in the world “at home”, on the other configurations of these bodies carry an infinite number of meanings. From this moment we should keep in mind that our bodies always have those senses. We are aware of what is happening around us precisely because we get most sense from this coexistence. On the other hand, this carnal, body coexistence each time also generates an infinite number of meanings. That physicality of the world creates its meaning. Antonio Damasio also undertook the concept of Self. The conscious mind is one in which Self reside and Self can only be generate by clash in relations with others. 

Sculptures are biodegradable and edible.


This project has been possible thanks to support from Ministry of Culture and National Haritage of Republic of Poland.

Zrealizowano w ramach stypendium Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.